Soil Treatments in Tagum City

Termite Chemical Soil Treatments in Tagum City, a zone is created around your entire structure via a treating the surrounding soil. This zone will kill all termites that try to enter. It's possible to eliminate the entire termite colony if the appropriate termite chemical (termiticide) is used.

Treated Zones need to be replenished over time. We work to allow cost-effect renewal in the methods we take when setting up your termite treatment zones. Continued treatment should prevent new infestations and vigilance is the best prevention.

Termite control maintenance services comprises of removing existing termite infestation by way of injecting effective termiticides in termite colonnades and spraying wood stabilizers on the entire fix woodwork to make it resistant to future termite attack.

Proex Pest Control Services offer ground soil treatments that create a chemical barrier, blocking all future points of entry for termites trying to get into the building. The time to apply a soil treatment is prior to the placement of Visqueen on compacted soil, before concrete is poured.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in termite protection, consider applying a soil pretreatment. This is a popular choice among homebuilders due to its effectiveness in keeping pests out of their customers’ homes.

Our Tagum City pest control professionals will provide an evaluation or your property and issue the proper recommendation to protect your investment.

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